We are a young company founded in 2010 by a group of information technology specialists. KIORU is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the creation and development of advanced technologies in the areas of hardware and software, with web platforms supporting their operation. KIORU also offers consulting services and advice on technology issues.

Experience of young entrepreneurs

During our years of experience, KIORU has participated several times in various competitions at state, national and international level. Since its inception, it has been known for creating web platforms and has been successful in competitions such as Launch your business by Blackberry, Monterrey Tec and Iusacell 2010, where KIORU won first place. KIORU also participated in the VI Santander Award for Business Innovation 2010, as a finalist with the business plan VPark Intelligence in parking lots. In 2014, KIORU won first place internationally in the TAD HACK MADRID 2014 event, rewarded by leading free software brand UBUNTU.

Growth and customers

KIORU has grown considerably in the last two years, placing itself as one of the best companies for technological development in the state of Hidalgo. We have a portfolio of over 200 customers over four product lines (Saeko, PortaCE, Parkuest), generate 17 formal jobs and our systems are being used by over 12,000 users; figures that make a difference and that are congruent with our mission and vision.


We have a specially developed workspace for our team that is focussed on areas of research and innovation. We have a presence throughout Mexico thanks to our products being distributed electronically, however we do not shy away from presentations on the ground. We have the necessary infrastructure to be able to provide improved tools.