Parkuest is Smart City solution that improves mobility experiences within cities by relieving urban areas of unnecessary car park search traffic. Parkuest is a complete proprietary offer of intelligent technology & hardware, that connects to a cloud to guide car park users in their search for available parking spaces and provide real-time parking space information to both drivers and car park operators.

In urban zones, cars looking for parking make up ~30 per cent of all traffic. Parkuest has a positive impact by reducing congestion and accidents, minimising the time drivers spend looking for parking and cutting traffic’s massive environmental footprint. Parkuest innovative technology presents a competitive business model which makes the solution more accessible and cost efficient for car park operators. Parkuest has the potential to be a key player in a market that is estimated to grow from USD 579.6 million in 2015 to USD 1665.3 million by 2020.

Parkuest is an innovative and powerful system that helps drivers find an available parking space within a car park on the city. Via displays and illuminated indicator located inside and outside of the car park clients are guided quickly and easily to a parking space.

Also Parkuest brings an app showing the nearby available spaces in the zone. Our main purpose is improve the mobility in the cities offering a low price product that any car park can get it.

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